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Sunday Morning

Emmett Wheatfall
Emmett Wheatfall


The late Jim Miller, a fine bassist, had recommended me for a spoken word project produced by saxophonist Noah Peterson, accompanying a poet named Emmett Wheatfall.  When I arrived at the recording studio, the first track I was asked to play on had been recorded the day before; Emmett wanted me to overdub organ on it.  When I heard the track, I was concerned: it was an extremely powerful, gospel-soaked piece, and I had brought my 34-lb Nord organ--not a Hammond B-3.  But the track was finished in no time and Emmett was very pleased, later posting on Facebook, "The magic on this track is the MASTERFUL work of Louis Pain on the Hammond B-3 Organ."  I guess I fooled him!  But seriously: the magic on this track is Emmett Wheatfall; the rest of us (Nathan Olsen, Carlton Jackson, & Jim Miller) just hopped aboard his "gospel train."

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