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Mama Was Right

Howard Tate
J. Ragovoy


I was very saddened to hear of Howard Tate's recent passing.  He was one of the all-time soul singing greats, and a very nice man to boot.  I was fortunate enough to play with Howard at the Waterfront Blues Festival back in '02.  That was a great experience, but better yet was having him come and rehearse at my Gresham home the day before.  I had trouble believing it was really Howard at first, but when he started singing the chorus of the first song, there was no mistaking that voice.  We all looked at each other like, "Holy ****, that's Howard Tate here in the garage with us!!"  This track is a crude cassette recording of that memorable moment.  The fidelity and mix are poor; Howard is buried.  But, again: that's Howard Tate!!  Rest in peace, Howard.  (Also playing were Willie Barber, bass; Reinhardt Melz, drums; Jay Koder, guitar; and the Uptown Horns.)